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Step#1 Share your high level requirement with us in not exceeding 20 lines.  Click here.

Step#2 We will contact you to understand the requirements more clearly.

Step#3 We will develop the product backlog and prioritize them along with you into must have and nice to have categories. This step will help us to arrive at a budgetary estimate for the project.

Step#4 We will develop the product road map and the release plan along with you.

Step#5 We will submit a detailed proposal for every release to you for your approval.

Step#6 After getting your approval (step#5), we proceed with team selection from the resource pool available with us and get into the sprint planning along with the customer’s representative. In case we do not have the right technical people matching the technologies required for the product, then we scout for these resources outside our pool of resources.

Step#7 Sprinting  – The development team builds the increment of the product

Step#8 Sprint reviews – The development team and the customer reviews the output of the sprint and determines whether the sprint was successful or not.

Step#9 – Sprint retrospectives – The development team and the customer together identifies the areas for improvement for the subsequent sprints.

Step#10 – Release and proposal – Once all the sprints of the release train is successfully completed, the product is released to the customer. At this stage, formal proposal for the subsequent release is submitted for approval.

Steps 6-10 are repeated, till the approved product backlog is fully developed.

Key benefits

  1. The estimate at the product backlog level provides the customer with a budgetary estimate for building the entire product.
  2. Before every release a definitive estimate is provided to the customer. Steps 1 and 2 provides the customer and the development team with better control on the project cost.
  3. Frequent sprint reviews and retrospectives results in better technical and functional risk management.
  4. Based on the theme of sprints, the team composition has to change sprint wise. This is possible because of the larger pool of technical resources available with us.

If you have a requirement, let us connect and start the discussions. Share with us the high level requirements. 

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